Events and Updates

If your weeks leading up to Christmas aren’t busy enough, here are a few more events to keep you busy!

Nov 21st: Mockingjay: Part 1
Dec 6th: Board Game Day
Dec 14th Crafternoon
Dec 18tth Interstellar
Dec 26th Hobbit
Dec 30th: Big Hero 6

See our events page for more details.

And just a reminder that memberships go up at the end of the year. You can buy them at the membership page. They make great Christmas presents 😛

Welcome to Continuum 11!

And welcome to our website, all shiny-new for the next convention.  (Okay, there’s still some construction going on — but it’s here!)

We want Continuum 11 to be a celebration of Australian genre fandom and its community — and on a community-related note, keep an eye on our events page to find out about upcoming games days, movie outings and more.  And follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Meetup  and Tumblr to keep abreast of developments.