For the most up to date version of the programme, see printouts around the venue and LiveCon.

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Fan Fund Auction

Fan Funds are a way of establishing and assisting closer links between national SFF cons. Australia has a rich tradition of Fan Funds, including NAFF, which sends fans to Natcons in different states, and DUFF, the Down Under Fan Fund, which moves fans between Australia and North America. These Fan Funds would not be possible without the tireless efforts by their administrators, and through various fundraising efforts such as a series of auctions held at Australian cons! If you have something to donate to the Fan Fund Auction, please bring it to the registration desk before the auction. And thanks for your donation!

Friday Night Cocktail Party

The Friday Night Cocktail Party is a Continuum tradition. Lounge suits and cocktail dresses are not required, but if you felt like dressing up (maybe with a genre flair) we totally encourage you. Cash bar.

Mealtime Meetups

We’ll be hosting lunch on both Saturday and Sunday if you’d like to come along & get to know people. The new, the old and the timeless welcome. RSVP to the registration desk by 11am, so that we can let the restaurant know, and meet us at the registration desk right on 1pm!



Wriggle out of your old wings, shed your shattered skin, and show your new face at the Maskobalo on a night of transformation.

Is your fur cramped under your clothes? Is your tail (are your tails) twisted out of sight? Are you a robot in disguise? Pull away your reporter’s clothes and glitter in the sunlight and reveal all to the audiences of the Maskobalo.

Maskobalo is free for Continuum 9 members or just $15 cash at the door for non-members, so dress in your twisty transformed best and get ready to begin the beguine with DJ Mitch.
Photo opportunity and costume awards from 8:00pm; dancefloor opens at 8:30pm. The Maskobalo will have a cash bar.

Best costume wins 2 tickets to the Goblin Ball (! Other costumes may win edible things and other prizes.


Your costume must not be made or trimmed with messy substances, as these can damage other entrants’ costumes. You may not use anything wet, oily, or dusty such as wet paint, powder or unfixed sparkle. The same goes for poorly-set or sticky colouring and sharp, pointy or rough finishes that may become snagged.

No live animals will be allowed in the Maskobalo. For our purposes, guide dogs and other animals trained to assist a disabled person are considered to be people and will be allowed.