Get Involved

Continuum is run wholly by a dedicated group of volunteers who manage their duties while juggling jobs, family, study and a host of other commitments. If you are already a Continuum member — or are planning to join — and would like to help make the convention a great one, keep an eye on the opportunities listed below, or just contact us at with details on what you want to do and how much time you can spare, or even just a query about what sort of help we might want from you, if you want to help but aren’t sure with what.

You can also register your interest at the convention, on any day you attend, via the registration desk. The Day Manager or Committee Member will allocate you a task (unless you have a preference). We will endeavour to ensure your tasks fit in with your enjoyment of the convention – after all, that’s what you’re there for!

If you are new to conventions and you don’t know any attendees, volunteering is an ideal way to meet people and make new friends. Who knows? You might be keen enough to become a Committee Member for the next convention. A convention volunteer is a valuable resource and we appreciate your services!