Continuum 10 Open Meeting June 30th

We’re super excited about Continuum 10! A national convention AND a round number? It’s going to be awesome. But to make it amazing we need help, lots of help.

And I bet you could help! Maybe you don’t want to be on committee just yet – but you’ve always thought it would be cool if conventions in Melbourne did…? We’d love to see you and hear your ideas. There is going to be an open meeting at 11AM on 30th June at Ross House, 247 Flinders Lane, Melbourne. We’ll take a look at what did and didn’t work this year and brainstorm about the fantastic things we can do for Continuum X. So far we have some awesome Guests of Honour, a theme and a date.

Yeah, committee meetings do entail getting up early on Sundays. But only once a month!

Make sure you’re signed up to the Continuum mailing list, for reminders about this kind of thing, as well as any other events we have through the year, and keep an eye on the website and the blog. And we’ll see you soon!