About Us

Continuum is an annual Melbourne speculative fiction and pop culture fan convention celebrating creativity across genre and media. From hard-edge science fiction to high-flown fantasy, comic books to film noir, high culture to sub-culture… we sink our teeth into it all! Continuum is run on a not-for-profit basis and all revenue goes towards venue and equipment hire, transport and accommodation for our guests, and other convention specific expenses. The Continuum conventions are supported by the Continuum Foundation and we are grateful for their support.

Continuum 9 will take place on the Queen’s Birthday Weekend, June 7 — 10, 2013. Our guests of honour this year are N.K. Jemisin and Paul Collins. Supporting them will be a wide range of other speakers and panellists in a fabulous line up of panels, presentations and special events.

To contact the convention committee, please email info@continuum.org.au. We’ll make sure your query gets to the right person!

Continuum 9 Committee

Chair Stephanie Lai
Treasurer and Chronos convener Emilly McLeay
Programming Liz Barr
Venue Liaison, Events, Guest Liaison Julia Svaganovic
Website, Publications, Social Media and Events Danielle Madeley
Memberships Fran La Fontaine
Volunteer Liaison Hespa
Committee Member Brendan Podger
Committee Member David McDonald
Committee Member Steve Cameron

Programming Subcommittee

Liz Barr Chair
Julia Svaganovic

Continuum Foundation

The Continuum Foundation (ConFound) is the parent of our convention and we are very grateful for their support. ConFound was started by Danny Oz to oversee and take care of some of the administrative work for the Continuum Conventions. Continuum Foundation Inc. is a not for profit association incorporated under the Victorian Associations Act, 1994.

ConFound oversees the Chronos Awards, the Ian Gunn Memorial Award, and the annual Continuum conventions. The Foundation also hosts a wiki to help distribute information about Victorian sf fandom and running conventions.

While ConFound’s main stated goal is to help with the running of the Continuum Conventions, its other main goals are to help foster and create a strong fannish community within Victoria and Australia, and to ‘be useful’ to the wider fan community. Danny Oz, the current Chair, is fond of saying, “The moment the Foundation stops making things easier for people, it stops having a purpose.”

To contact the Foundation, mail confound@netspace.net.au