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Writing Workshops

We’ve got a few writing workshops lined up for Continuum 8!

Alan Baxter will run a workshop looking at the things that make a fight scene in a story read as realistically as possible, while maintaining excitement and pace. By looking at the various factors that go into a real fight, paying attention to the things that we train for when we learn to fight, we can write fight scenes that stay exciting without breaking the rules of realism that shatter believability. This is scheduled for Friday afternoon.

Later in the weekend, we’ll have a hands-on, one hour workshop with Alison Goodman who will take you through some great diagnostic tools that will help you improve your scene-writing skills. Participants should bring a scene that they have written. Sign up for this at the registration desk.

Unfortunately the workshop with Kelly Link filled up really fast – if you’d like to be on a waiting list, you can email, but it is a very small class.

We’ll also be running drawing & making stuff workshops – stay tuned for those annoucements!