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thank you everyone!

We’ve packed up and left the hotel, and now all that’s left is to thank everyone for coming! And collect all the con reports you’re writing, of course.

A weekend like we’ve just had doesn’t happen without a lot of people working very hard:

Thanks to the Rydges on Swanston and their staff for being so helpful all weekend. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped put the convention on. Thanks to Mikee, and the Hairy Dude for all our tech.

Thank you: the Continuum Foundation, Vic SF Conventions, the Natcon Standing Committee for all their support both financial and otherwise.

Thank you to our wonderful guests of honour: Kelly Link, Alison Goodman, and Sue Ann Barber, and our invited guest, Lucy Sussex. Thanks as well to our fan fund delegates: Sarah Parker from NAFF and Holdover Funds from DUFF.

And thank you, so much, to the committee: Julia, Rachel, Fran, Mitch, Michael, Caitlin, Emma, Meredith, Liz – without you guys working so hard for the last two years, none of this would have happened at all. You’re the best.

The next national convention will be up in Canberra over the ANZAC day weekend: Conflux 9 promises to be an awesome weekend. Continuum 9 is also about to start gearing up for another Melbourne convention next winter. Stay tuned for memberships to open and for an open committee meeting, for those of you who’d like to help out!