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The following is a list of our current members, in alphabetical order of surname.

Please note that the list does not show names of members who requested for their names to be withheld, or our Guests of Honour.

If you have recently sent in your membership form but don’t see your name here, please don’t be concerned. Your name will likely be included in the next revision of the website. However, if you would like to confirm that we have received your membership, or if you have any other membership queries, please feel free to email us and we will respond as soon as we can.

Not a member yet? Find more information on how to become one at the Join page.

Looking forward to seeing you at the convention!

Continuum 8 Membership List



  • Justin Ackroyd [VIC]
  • Lucy Ackroyd [VIC]
  • Lizbt Action [VIC]
  • Joanne Anderton [NSW]
  • Kev Anslow [VIC]


  • Karen Babcock [VIC]
  • Tash Bailey [VIC]
  • Bruce Barnes [VIC]
  • Alison Barton [VIC]
  • Margaret Bates [VIC]
  • Catherine Bateson [VIC]
  • Alan Baxter [NSW]
  • Eliza Bentley [SA]
  • Daniel Berryman [VIC]
  • Russell Blackford [NSW]
  • Jenny Blackford [NSW]
  • Claire Brialey [UK]
  • Lawrie Brown [ACT]
  • Pamela Brown [SA]
  • Sue Bursztynski [VIC]
  • Adam Brymora [VIC]


  • James Cameron [VIC]
  • Steve Cameron [VIC]
  • Tole Canal [VIC]
  • Trudi Canavan [VIC]
  • Allen Carey [VIC]
  • Anthony Clarke [VIC]
  • David Cook [VIC]
  • Nathan Cooper [VIC]
  • David Crisp [VIC]
  • Louise Cusack [QLD]
  • Elaine Cuyegkeng [VIC]


  • Jack Dann [VIC]
  • Rjurik Davidson [VIC]
  • Briony Davis [VIC]
  • B. R. De Loryn [QLD]
  • Stephen Dedman [WA]
  • Jane Domagala [QLD]
  • Felicity Dowker [VIC]
  • Margaret Dunlop [WA]
  • Cheryse Durrant [QLD]


  • Miriam Eisfelder [VIC]
  • Kate Eltham [QLD]
  • Amanda Elliot [VIC]
  • Paul Ewins [VIC]


  • Matthew Farrer [NSW]
  • Dirk Flinthart [TAS]
  • Jake Flinthart [
  • Andrew Finch [TAS]
  • Satima Flavell [WA]
  • Peta Freestone [VIC]


  • Kimberley Gaal [ACT]
  • Bruce Gillespie [VIC]
  • Stephen Gleeson [VIC]
  • David Golding [VIC]
  • Amy Gordon [SA]
  • Deborah Green [NSW]
  • Michael F. Green [VIC]
  • Roslyn Gross [VIC]


  • Lisa L Hannett [SA]
  • Donna Maree Hanson [NSW]
  • Narrelle Harris [VIC]
  • Edwina Harvey [NSW]
  • Nalini Haynes [VIC]
  • Karen Healey [VIC]
  • Kevin Hemingway [VIC]
  • Cassandra Hincks [VIC]



  • Deborah Kalin [VIC]
  • Joanna Kasper [QLD]
  • Frances Keane [NSW]
  • Angelo Kene [VIC]


  • Fran La Fontaine [VIC]
  • Stephanie Lai [VIC]
  • Lisa Lagergren [VIC]
  • Margo Lanagan [NSW]
  • Eric Lindsay [QLD]
  • Earl Livings [VIC]
  • Rosalie Louey [VIC]
  • Rosaleen Love [VIC]
  • LynC [VIC]
  • Peter Lyons [WA]


  • Craig Macbride [VIC]
  • Emma Hespa Mann [VIC]
  • Lyn McConchie [NZ]
  • Kirstyn McDermott [VIC]
  • Travis McKenzie [VIC]
  • Emilly McLeay [VIC]
  • Ben Mellor [VIC]
  • Anthony Mitchell [VIC]
  • Rose Mitchell [VIC]
  • Samara Morgan [WA]
  • Sharon Moseley [NSW]
  • Sarah Murray-White [NSW]


  • Jason Nahrung [VIC]
  • Caitlin Noble [VIC]
  • Stephen Newall [VIC]
  • Ian Nichols [WA]


  • Danny Oz [NSW]
  • Cath Ortlieb [VIC]
  • Marc Ortlieb [VIC]
  • Natalie Ortlieb [VIC]
  • Steven O’Connor [VIC]
  • Roman Orszanski [SA]
  • Emma Osbourne [VIC]


  • Simon Petrie [ACT]
  • Alexandra Pierce [VIC]
  • Mark Plummer [UK]
  • Brendan Podger [VIC]
  • Gillian Polack [ACT]
  • Alex Pragnell [WA]
  • Michael Pryor [VIC]


  • Tansy Rayner Roberts [TAS]
  • Les Robertson [VIC]
  • Tracey Rolfe [VIC]
  • Yvonne Rousseau [SA]
  • David L. Russell [VIC]


  • John Samuel [ACT]
  • Melissa Sargent [NSW]
  • Candice Schilder [VIC]
  • Angela Slatter [QLD]
  • Cat Sparks [NSW]
  • Jo Spurrier [SA]
  • Christopher Stabback [NSW]
  • Alan Stewart [VIC]
  • Desiree Sutton [VIC]
  • Julia Svaganovic [VIC]


  • Ross Temple [NZ]
  • Jane Tisell [VIC]
  • Edna Truong [VIC]


  • Elaine Walker [WA]
  • Melissa Walter [VIC]
  • Philip Warnes [VIC]
  • Kaaron Warren [ACT]
  • Michael Wauchope [VIC]
  • Emma Wearmouth [VIC]
  • Mark Webb [NSW]
  • Jean Weber [QLD]
  • Jo West-Moore [VIC]
  • Meredith White [VIC]
  • Brett Wiggins [VIC]
  • Bill Wright [VIC]
  • Sean Wright [SA]