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Category: spotlight

For Our Younger Members!

This year Continuum is introducing some dedicated children’s programming. We’re excited to bring you the following activities geared towards our junior members!

5.00 pm – A Sendak Celebration with Sendakian-themed readings, crafts and face painting.

10.00 am – Writing Workshop: A Spaceship Stole My Baby Dragon
2.15 pm – Cheryse Durrant reading (15 mins)
4.00 pm – Workshop: Legocraft for Kids

9.30 am – Workshop: Cartooning for Kids (90 mins)
2.15 pm – Jenny Blackford reading (15 mins)
3.00 pm – Workshop: Dragon Flying School

10.00 am – Sarah Lee Parker reading (15 mins)
2.00 pm – Workshop: Juggling (all ages)

Further details on these items can be found in the daily program schedules now available on the Program page and the livecon app.

Please be aware that it’s Continuum policy for children to be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times within the convention.