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Continuum Foundation

The Continuum Foundation (ConFound) is the parent of our convention and we are very grateful for their support. ConFound was started by Danny Oz to oversee and take care of some of the administrative work for the Continuum Conventions. Continuum Foundation Inc. is a not for profit association incorporated under the Victorian Associations Act, 1994.

ConFound oversees the Chronos Awards, the Ian Gunn Memorial Award, and the annual Continuum conventions. The Foundation also hosts a wiki to help distribute information about Victorian sf fandom and running conventions.

While ConFound’s main stated goal is to help with the running of the Continuum Conventions, its other main goals are to help foster and create a strong fannish community within Victoria and Australia, and to ‘be useful’ to the wider fan community. Danny Oz, the current Chair, is fond of saying, “The moment the Foundation stops making things easier for people, it stops having a purpose.”

To contact the Foundation, mail