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As much as we’d like the current program to be set in stone we
knew the likelihood of that happening would be… well never. Here,
and on the whiteboard at the Registration desk, is where
you’ll find all the program updates (for the sake of our
programmers sanity we hope they’re few and far between!).

Friday 8.30pm: the following items are 30min long, not 15min:
- Geek’s Guide to Melbourne’
- ‘The Trouble With Time’

Saturday 2pm: Special guest panellists for the Boxcutters – Philip
Dalkin, Chris Gist, David Napier and Mark Shirrefs

Saturday 3pm: Elaine Walker added to ‘An Alternate Energy Future’

Saturday 5pm: ‘Why Trilogies’ in Earth Room (moved from 10am Sunday)

Saturday 5.30pm: Kevin Anslow added to Readings

Sunday 10am: ‘Dark Kingdom: Walt Disney Pictures from 1979 to
1985′ in Earth Room (moved from 5pm Saturday)

Sunday 10am: Jack Dann added to ‘Then Read our Books! A Tribute to
Joanna Russ’

Sunday 3pm: Richard Harland Reading (moved from 5.30pm Saturday)

Sunday 3.20pm: David Witteveen Reading (moved from Sunday 3pm)

Sunday 3.40pm: Karen Healey Reading (moved from Sunday 3.30pm)

Monday 10am: Natcon Committee meeting – open to all- added in the Sun Room


Discover the portal to another world beneath the streets of Melbourne. A world of carnivales, masked figures and mysterious characters. You will find doorways to your deepest dreams, whether you travel by TARDIS, DeLorean or Heart of Gold. You may find yourself in Fantastica, Oz or Wonderland; London Below or Un Lun Dun; the Chocolate Factory, Never Never Land, Narnia or the Imaginarium.

Change your identity behind a simple mask, or go all out with the tulle and taffeta at Continuum’s Changing Consciousness Maskobalo, Saturday June 11, 2011.

Photo op and costume awards at 8pm, dancing from 8.30pm

Free for Continuum 7 members or $15 cash at the door.

Cash bar.

Friday Night

Friday night is going to be excellent! We’ve got a whole bunch of things lined up to show you what Continuum is like: the Great Debate, with our two Guests of Honour, some panels, a cocktail party, the Chronos Awards and the New Melbourne Browncoats Extravaganza! Best part: Friday night is free! So come along, bring your friends – we hope that you’ll like it and join up as full members for the rest of the weekend.

Readings and Rants

There are slots available for you to do a reading or rant at C7. Email to reserve your place!

Other Events

Before the convention, we like to go to the movies whenever there’s an sf movie that looks good in Melbourne. Check the front page for announcements of the next outing, or join our mailing list for news. You don’t have to be a member of the current convention to join; just email and we’ll set you up.