Jun 132011

Did you have a great time? We had a great time. Can’t quite believe that it’s over, can you? Most of the committee are sitting around right now being glad it went so well – but also exhausted! Thank you to everyone who helped us make it happen: our Guests of Honour, Cat and Dave; the Continuum Foundation; Mikee, for all the AV; the hotel staff; the dealers; everyone on program – and all of you who came along!

We’ve managed to find some lost property – a black jacket with a Tarhari Arthur S. Levine logo. If it’s yours, drop us a line at info@continuum.org.au

Thank you all for being a part of Continuum 7. We hope you all had as good a time as we did. And now – Continuum 8! We want it to be just as great a weekend as this one was. Once again, if you’d like to be involved, just let us know! The open committee meeting is Sunday, 3rd July, 11am at the Carlton Library meeting room. Memberships will be available on the website – er, by the end of the week (we have to unpack!).

  •  13 June, 2011
Jun 132011


Best Long Fiction: Madigan Mine, Kirstyn McDermott (Pan MacMillan Australia)
Best Short Fiction: “Her Gallant Needs”, Paul Haines (Sprawl, Twelfth Planet Press)
Best Artwork: Australis Imaginarium cover, Shaun Tan (FableCroft Publishing)
Best Fan Writer: Alexandra Pierce
Best Fan Written Work: “Review: The Secret Feminist Cabal by Helen Merrick”, Alexandra Pierce
Best Fan Artwork: Continuum 6 Props, Rachel Holkner
Best Fan Publication: Live Boxcutters Doctor Who at AussieCon IV, Josh Kinal and John Richards
Best Achievement: Programming: AussieCon IV, Sue Ann Barber and Grant Watson

  •  13 June, 2011
Jun 102011

As much as we’d like the current program to be set in stone we knew the likelihood of that happening would be… well never.  Here, and on the whiteboard at the Registration desk, is where you’ll find all the program updates (for the sake of our programmers sanity we hope they’re few and far between!).

Friday 8:30pm: the following items are 30min long, not 15min: “Geek’s Guide to Melbourne” and “The Trouble With Time”

Saturday 2pm: Special guest panellists for the Boxcutters – Philip Dalkin, Chris Gist, David Napier and Mark Shirrefs

Saturday 3pm: Elaine Walker added to ‘An Alternate Energy Future’

Saturday 5pm: ‘Why Trilogies’ in Earth Room (moved from 10am Sunday)

Saturday 5.30pm: Kevin Anslow added to Readings

Sunday 10am: ‘Dark Kingdom: Walt Disney Pictures from 1979 to 1985′ in Earth Room (moved from 5pm Saturday)

Sunday 10am: Jack Dann added to ‘Then Read our Books! A Tribute to Joanna Russ’

Sunday 3pm: Richard Harland Reading (moved from 5.30pm Saturday)

Sunday 3.20pm: David Witteveen Reading (moved from 3pm Sunday)

Sunday 3.40pm: Karen Healey Reading (moved from 3:30pm Sunday)

It’s with regret we inform you:
Jack Dann has had to withdraw from Pick An Era, Any Era on Monday 11am.

Rhiannon Kraft and Erika Lacey have had to withdraw from all their items.

  •  10 June, 2011
Jun 052011

Preregistration has closed! You will be able to buy memberships at the door using cash or credit card. The registration desk will open at 6:30pm Friday.

Full weekend rate: $180/$155/$35
Day rates:
Saturday: $95/$75/$15
Sunday: $95/$75/$15
Monday: $50/$40/$15

Don’t forget, Friday night is free! This is a great chance to introduce someone to conventions who has never been before. We promise a terrific night’s entertainment.

  •  5 June, 2011
Jun 012011

Continuum 7: Changing Consciousness is on from June 10-13, 2011 – that’s less than two weeks away! Wow, where’d the time go…

This newsletter was emailed to the Continuum Announcements lists – if you’d like to be added to the list, please email info@continuum.org.au

We’d like to remind everybody that the cutoff date for the arrival of online and postal memberships will be this coming Friday June 3, and the current rates ($165/$140/$35) have been extended until that date.

As always, memberships will be available at the door:

Full weekend rate: $180/$155/$35
Day rates:
Saturday: $95/$75/$15
Sunday: $95/$75/$15
Monday: $50/$40/$15

Don’t forget, Friday night is free! This is a great chance to introduce someone to conventions who has never been before. We promise a terrific night’s entertainment.

Registration opens on Friday June 10 from 6.30pm. Thanks to our friends at Gollancz, the first 50 conbags given out will contain a free book! For more information on memberships, visit /join/.

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  •  1 June, 2011
May 202011

This here would be the post to leave comments requesting our friendly neighbourhood dj to play your favourite song. We can’t guarantee we’ll have it, but let us know if your night would be made by any particular tune!

  •  20 May, 2011
May 182011

Friday night is going to be excellent! We’ve got a whole bunch of things lined up to show you what Continuum is like: the Great Debate, with our two Guests of Honour, some panels, a cocktail party, the Chronos Awards and the New Melbourne Browncoats Extravaganza! Best part: Friday night is free! So come along, bring your friends – we hope that you’ll like it and join up as full members for the rest of the weekend.

The first event starts at 7pm and we’re going right through to midnight. If you want to pick up your pre-purchased membership, or buy a full weekend membership, the registration desk will be open from 6:30pm.

  •  18 May, 2011
May 162011

The Continuum 7 programme is in its last stages of completion and will be up on the website any day now! Thank you to everyone who has gotten involved this year; it’s looking like a very exciting line-up.

However, our Readings & Rants stream still has openings. If you are an author and would like to read from your works or if you have a subject you want to get on the soapbox and rant about, we want to hear from you!

There are 15-minute timeslots available throughout the weekend (don’t worry, you don’t have to have 15 minutes’ worth of material, that’s just the maximum). If you would like to claim one, please email us on programming@continuum.org.au and let us know whether you want to do a reading or a rant (or one of each) and if there are any times over the Continuum weekend that you aren’t available.


The Continuum Programming Team

  •  16 May, 2011