Who's coming this year?

 The following is our list of current members, in alphabetical order of first name. Please note, the list does not show those members who requested their names be withheld, nor does it include our Guests of Honour.

 If you have recently sent in your membership form but don't see your name here, please don't panic. Our website list is updated regularly and it is quite likely that you will be included in the next revision. However, if you would like to confirm that we have received your membership, please feel free to email us and we will respond as soon as we can.

Alan Baxter – NSW

Alasdair Kempton – Vic

Angelo Kene - Vic

Anthony 'Mitch' Mitchell - Vic

Ben Mellor Bill Wright - Vic

Brendan Podger

Bruce Barnes - Vic

Bruce Gillespie - Vic

Caitlin Noble - Vic

Cassandra Hincks – Vic

Cat Sparks - NSW

Clare McDonald - Vic

Chris Johnstone

Christian Tamblyn - QLD

Craig Macbride - Vic

Danny Oz - ACT

David Cook - Vic

David Crisp - Vic

Desiree Sutton - Vic

Emilly McLeay - Vic

Emma 'Hespa' Mann - Vic

Emma Wearmouth – Vic

Eric Lindsay - QLD

Estelle Newall - Vic

Fran La Fontaine - Vic

Felicity Dowker - Vic Genevieve Allen - Vic

George Ivanoff – Vic

Heath Miller - Vic  

James Gwinnett

Jane Routley – Vic

Jean Weber - QLD

Jeanette Tipping-Allen - Vic

Jiri Baum - Vic

Jocko Allen - Vic

John Parker - WA

John Samuel - ACT

Julia Svaganovic - Vic

Karen Babcock - USA

Karen Simpson Nikakis - Vic KRin Pender-Gunn - Vic

Liam Merrick - Vic

Lisa Lagergren - Vic

Lizbt Action - Vic

LynC - Vic

Michael Wauchope - Vic

Michael Green - Vic

m1k3y - Vic

Miriam Eisfelder - Vic

Narrelle M Harris - Vic

Paul Ewins

Paul Poulton - Vic Paula McGrath

Rachel Holkner - Vic

Robin Johnson - TAS

Roger Newall - Vic

Roman Mazurak - Vic

Rosalie Louey - Vic

Rose Mitchell

Sarah Buckler - Vic

Sarah Parker - WA

Sarvnaz Karimi - Vic Sharon Moseley - ACT

Steve Cameron - Vic

Sue Jimenez - Vic

Sue Ann Barber - Vic

Tamaly Hovenga - Vic

Tiki Swain - Vic

Trevor Clark - Vic

Trudi Canavan

Zyl Hovenga-Wauchope - Vic


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