What will you be doing after the apocalypse?

Will you have succumbed to a raging zombie virus, joined a survival
cult or turned vampire in order to better survive the coming darkness?
Perhaps you are a lone hunter or scientist obsessed with saving the
planet? Or are you one of the aliens (or robots, or Great Old Ones)
who destroyed it?

For this year's Maskobalo there will be dancing like it's the last
party on earth to tunes provided by DJ Omega.

Put your best doomsday outfit on for the Continuum 6 Future Tense
Maskobalo. Prizes for the best, most creative outfits.

Saturday 27th February 2010
Costume parade 8pm followed by dancing until the stroke of midnight

Where: Ether Centre
lower level
265 Little Bourke St

Cost: Free with Continuum 6 membership or $15 at the door.
Cash bar.

The Continuum Masked Ball is a relaxed event focused on getting together and unwinding after a long days conventioning. If 'masked ball' sounds a bit too intimidating you can also read it as 'fancy dress party'. Masks and costumes are not essential, but certainly contribute to the fun of the evening.

Entry Fees for non-members & Day Pass Purchasers

The Before the Ball Costume Parade and the Masked Ball are also open to non-members for a single small fee. Entry by non-members is paid at the door and no pre-booking is available.
Day Memberships holders for the day of the Masked Ball have free entry to the ball.
Non-members who attend the ball get a discount on the following days Day Membership (remember to bring your receipt!)

Before the Ball Costume Viewing

If you are one of the gifted people who take your costuming seriously, then come early to display your skill and hard work to your peers before the party gets under way.

Costume rules

Our 4 rules about costumes are very simple and sensible:

  1. Don't include anything that could hurt another person - nothing sharp, pointed or projectile launching (so, for example, no working pikes or trebuchets)

  2. Don't include anything in your costume which will stick to other people or cause a mess or a hazard in the venue (so no covering yourself in things like loose glitter or peanut butter)

  3. You need to wear footwear, and more than enough clothing to conceal your private parts.

  4. Unless you normally use a guide dog - don't bring any live animals, even really small ones.