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Volunteer at C4

Continuum 4 is run wholly by a dedicated group of volunteers who must perform their allocated duties while juggling full/part-time jobs, family, study and a host of other commitments. If you are already a Continuum 4 member – or are planning to join – and would like to volunteer before the convention, please contact our Volunteer Liaison and tell us what you want to do and how much time you can spare.

You can also register your interest at the convention (on any day you attend) via the registration desk. The Day Manager or committee member will allocate you a task (unless you have a preference). We will endeavour to ensure your tasks fit in with your enjoyment of the convention – after all, that’s what you’re there for!

If you are new to conventions and you don’t know any attendees, volunteering is an ideal way to meet people and make new friends. Who knows? You might be keen enough to become a Committee Member for the next convention. A convention volunteer is a valuable resource and we appreciate your services!

What can I do?

Well, we'd appreciate almost anything! But to be more specific, volunteers are currently required for the following tasks:

Before the Convention:

  • Folding convention leaflets, registration forms and other information material;
  • Distributing this material to designated locations (eg. libraries, bookshops, clubs etc.);
  • 'Stuffing con bags' (inserting program books, flyers, ads etc. into bags to be given to each member of the convention).

At the Convention:

  • Setting up on the first day of the convention prior to the official start time (includes posting program information at entrance of each panel room, putting up sponsors’ posters/advertising material, checking there’s enough chairs/water/peppermints for panellists);
  • Staffing the registration desk;
  • Relieving other rostered volunteers and/or committee members (lunch times/coffee breaks etc.);
  • Runners, i.e. liaising between people on different floors/rooms, passing on urgent messages etc.;
  • Answering general enquiries made by members (which room to go to, program changes etc);
  • "Closing down" (dismantling the registration desk, shifting computers and other bulky items, helping committee members to pack up their gear and take it to their vehicles, stacking chairs/tables and generally leaving the venue as found etc.)

Continuum 4 is convened under the auspices of Continuum Foundation Inc.and is governed by its rules and regulations. Continuum Foundation Inc. is a not for profit association incorporated under the Victorian Associations Act, 1994.

copyright 2002-2005 by Continuum Foundation Inc | Last updated: June 22, 2006
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