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Program & Events Listing

Programmed panels, presentations and other events will commence at 3.00pm on Friday 4th August, 2006. Convention registration opens from 1.00pm in the Foyer.

Our Program Co-Ordinators have finalised the Continuum 4 Convention Program. In addition to the confimed program times and highlights on this page, we are pleased to present Version 3.1 of the full C4 Program grid. Unforseen changes aside, this should be considered the final version of the program to be run over the three days of the convention.

View and download the complete three-day Program Grid (Version 3.1) here as a printable PDF file (142KB).

Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this file. If you are having trouble viewing the PDF, please contact us and we can provide a MS Word version.

The program is now closed for submissions. A big thank you to everyone who has volunteered their time and expertise to sit on panels or give presentations this year. You will be emailed shortly with further information, but if you have any questions or concerns please contact our Program Co-Ordinator.

The Fan Fund Auction

This year Continuum will be hosting a Fan Fund Auction, with all proceeds to be donated to each seller's nominated Fan Fund. This is a fantastic opportunity to raise money for the Fan Funds, with great bargains and unusual finds for buyers. All sellers must complete the Registration Package and present these documents along with all lots they are offering for auction to the Continuum Registration Desk prior to 12:00 noon on Saturday 5th June. The Registration Package is available in either PDF format or an editable Microsoft Word document.

Fan Fun Auction Registration Package: PDF file (102KB) or Microsoft Word document (178KB)

Please Note: Due to time constraints, there will be no private sales in the auction this year.

Program Times & Highlights

Friday 4th August
1.00pm: Registration opens
3.00pm: Programmed panels, presentations and other events commence
7.30pm: Official Continuum 4 Opening Ceremony (30mins)
8.00pm: Cocktail Launch Party: Eidolon I and The Silver Road featuring Shaun Tan, Charles Stross, Margo Lanagan and others.
9.00pm: The Great Debate featuring Shaun Tan, Charles Stross, Margo Lanagan and others.
10:00pm: Crossing the Forbidden Line
11:00pm: Splatterpunk vs The Creeping Dread
12.00am: The Midnight Horror Short Reading Slam
1.00am: Program closes

Saturday 5th August
8.30am: Registration opens
9.00am: Programmed panels, presentations and other events commence
12.00pm: Shaun Tan Guest of Honour Speech
2.00pm: Margo Lanagan Guest of Honour Speech
5.00pm: Fan Fund Auction
6.00pm: Short Reading Slam featuring Shaun Tan, Charles Stross, Margo Lanagan and others.
7.30pm: Daily Program closes
9.00pm: Maskobalo commences
12.00am: Maskobalo ends

Sunday 6th August
9.30am: Registration opens
10.00am: Programmed panels, presentations and other events commence
12.00pm: Charles Stross Guest of Honour Q&A Session
2.00pm: Bruce Gillespie Guest of Honour Speech
6.00pm: All Star Blankety Blanks
7.30pm: Official Closing Ceremony (30 mins)
8.00pm: C4 Convention Ends !!

See you there!

Continuum 4 is convened under the auspices of Continuum Foundation Inc.and is governed by its rules and regulations. Continuum Foundation Inc. is a not for profit association incorporated under the Victorian Associations Act, 1994.

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