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Continuum 3 CD's

Continuum 3: creatures natural and unnatural was held at the Hilton on the Park from 15-17 July 2005, and featured Richard Harland, Poppy Z Brite, Neil Gaiman and Robin Hobb as our Guests of Honour, with James "Jocko" Allen as Fan Guest of Honour, as well as playing host to the HarperCollins Voyager 10th Anniversary celebrations. By all accounts, our members and guests had a fantastic time over the three days of the convention which has been hailed as one of the biggest and most successful regional Australian conventions in recent history.

John Weeks of Spectrum FM Radio was present at Continuum 3 and conducted many interviews over the course of the three days to air on radio as well as for inclusion in a number of CD's to commemorate the convention. If you attended the convention, these CD's will make a perfect souvenir which you will be able to sit down and listen to again and again. And if you missed out on C3, here is your opportunity to discover what all the fuss is about!

To purchase one or more of these CD's please download the Order Form (85Kb PDF File) and mail it along with your payment (cheques, money order or direct deposit, plus PayPal coming soon) directly to Spectrum FM Radio at the following address:

Spectrum FM Radio
PO Box 642
Belgrave VIC 3160

Any queries regarding these CD's should also be sent directly to John Weeks of Spectrum FM.

Continuum 3 Convention 2005: The Double CD

The Continuum 3 Double CD features interviews with Neil Gaiman, Poppy Z. Brite, Robin Hobb, Russell Kirkpatrick, Jack Dann, Glenda Larke, Trudi Canavan, Fletcher Anthony and Joel Shepherd conducted over the course of the convention weekend, as well as highlights of panels and discussion groups, live-to-air radio reports and pre-convention interviews. This CD truly captures all the excitement and fun of C3!

Price: AU $25.00 (inc. Postage & Handling)

The Great Debate: Humans Are Unnatural Creatures

A recording of the popular and hilarious "Great Debate" panel at Continuum 3. Featuring authors Neil Gaiman, Richard Harland, Robin Hobb, Kim Wilkins, Poppy Z. Brite and Russell Kirkpatrick, with Jack Dann as moderator.

Bonus track : In-depth interview with author, Richard Harland.

Price: AU $20.00 (inc. Postage & Handling)

Australian Female Fantasy Authors

Australia is rich with Fantasy authors. Included in this CD are interviews recorded at Continuum 3 with some of the most exciting female authors currently writing in this speculative fiction genre: Jennifer Fallon, Kim Wilkins, Fiona McIntosh, Janeen Webb, and Karen Miller.

Bonus Track : Interview with Jen McVeity [Recorded 31.1.02]

Price: AU $20.00 (inc. Postage & Handling)

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