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The Continuum 4 Masked Ball

Be DAZZLED by an array of costumes, from medieval fantasy to dystopian future! FLAUNT your own skills as a costumier and DARE to impress our judges for your chance at fabulous prizes! SHIMMY and JIVE the night away in the Art Deco heart of Melbourne's Victoria Hotel to the strangely symphonic sounds of Aus SpecFic writer and DJ, Chuck McKenzie!

At most conventions it's traditional to have a masquerade night. These have often been run as fairly formal events where entrants show off their costumes on stage and sometimes perform rehearsed acts or comedy routines. This is fine as far as it goes, but it does rather leave a good chunk of the convention - those without elaborate costumes - out of the action. We want ours to be more social and more of a Masked Ball rather than a formal display. Hence, the Continuum 4 Masked Ball is first and foremost a fabulous party!

Costumes are encouraged - and prizes will be awarded - but they are not essential. The main idea is for everyone to get together, kick back and have a lot of fun, so please don't feel that your own clothes aren't good enough. The dress code is smart casual to semi-formal and we'll be providing some basic masks for people who want them or, naturally, you can bring your own. For those wanting to make that extra effort in their costuming, you might choose to be inspired by the theme of Retrorama: the future was then. Think futurisitic, think retro, think science fiction. Think steampunk, cyberpunk, dystopia, giant monsters rampaging through Tokyo or anywhere else your imagination decides to take you.

So dust off your knight's armor, flapper frocks, Zoot Suits and space suits, or simply slap on your favourite dancing shoes, and make your way down to the grand old Vic for a night of dance, drink and costume at the Continuum 4 Masked Ball, proudly sponsored by Convergence. We hope to see you there for what is certain to be an unforgettable night out!

Where, When and How Much?

Entry to the Masked Ball is included in the cost of your Continuum 4 membership. However, if you would like to bring along your family and friends just for the night, or if you don't wish to attend the rest of the convention, we will be selling "Masked Ball Only" tickets separately. Masked Ball tickets cannot be pre-booked and must be purchased on the night.

Where: Swanston Room, The Victoria Hotel, Melbourne
When: 9.00pm, Saturday 5th August, 2006 (entry from 8.45pm)
Entry: $10.00* per person (on sale from 8.30pm at the venue)

* Maskobalo tickets may be presented at the Registration Desk for a discount of $10.00 from the price of a Day Membership on Sunday

The Masked Ball will be preceded by costume viewing, judging and photo opportunities in the foyer of the Swanston Room from 8.45pm. Awards for Best Amateur Costume, Best Professional Costume and more will be up for grabs with prizes to be presented later in the evening.

Costume Prizes for the Continuum Masked Ball have been kindly donated by Convergence 2, the 46th National Australian SF&F Convention to be held at Rydges Melbourne over the long weekend of 8-11 June 2007.

Some Rules and Guidelines for Costumes

1. Your costume must not be made or trimmed with any messy substances (the 'Peanut Butter Rule') as these can damage other entrants costumes. Who believes in an Evil Overlord covered in sparkles from when he stood next to Queen Titania? You may not use anything wet, oily or dusty such as wet paint, powder or unfixed sparkle. The same goes for poorly-set or sticky colouring and sharp, pointy or rough finishes that may become snagged.

2. No live animals will be allowed into the Masked Ball. This includes snakes, lizards, cats, dogs, rats, ferrets, spiders, dinosaurs, birds, butterflies, etc. If you are planning on doing a Mother Nature or Pied Piper, you'll have to fake the fauna. For our purposes, guide dogs and other animals trained to assist a disabled person are considered to be people and will be allowed.

3. No weapons are to be brought to, worn or carried at any time during the convention (including water pistols, real or replica guns, swords or knives), unless approved as part of an official event. Only the convention organisers may approve such weapons and their participation in any event. Simple version: if the real life version of what you're carrying can hurt people, check with us first.

4. We would generally prefer not to see your jiggly bits. Most of us are pretty broad-minded and if your costume is one that would actually make for a nice book cover, chances are we'll be cool with it on artistic grounds. Costumes that have no purpose other than to shock or be confrontational are likely to get a warning, as such outfits may impact on the enjoyment of other members. Lycra is permitted. All people attending the convention must wear footwear. (This is a requirement of the insurers of the convention and the convention venue, rather than conservative Victorian attitudes.)

Continuum 4 is convened under the auspices of Continuum Foundation Inc.and is governed by its rules and regulations. Continuum Foundation Inc. is a not for profit association incorporated under the Victorian Associations Act, 1994.

copyright 2002-2005 by Continuum Foundation Inc | Last updated: July 7, 2006
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