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Continuum 3 : creatures natural and unnatural

Continuum 3: creatures natural and unnatural was held at the Hilton on the Park Hotel and Conference Centre in East Melbourne over the Queen's Birthday long weekend of June 2003. Our Guests of Honour were Neil Gaiman, Poppy Z Brite, Richard Harland and Robin Hobb, with James "Jocko" Allen as Fan Guest. In addition, the convention also played host to the HarperCollins Voyager 10th Anniversary Celebrations with many Australian Voyager authors and editors in attendance.

Satima Flavell interviewed several Australian Voyager authors at Continuum 3 and we have included selected quotations from them here in our C3 Gallery pages. To read the full text of Satima's article, which was published online in The Specusphere, please click here.

If you attended Continuum 3 and have any photographs you'd like to see published here, please feel free to send them to us. We'd prefer submissions via email, but can also accept items sent to our PO Box. If you would like mailed photographs to be returned, please include a self-addressed envelope with sufficient return postage.

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Guest of Honour, the delightful Neil Gaiman Guest of Honour and Voyager author,
the de-lovely Robin Hobb
A very enthusiastic Guest
of Honour, Richard Harland
Way too early in the morning for
Guest of Honour, Poppy Z Brite!
Fan Guest of Honour, Jocko, is
very, very happy to be here!

"I find them [conventions] intriguing because they are filled with people I would never meet in my everyday life, and they have such a passion for their favourite authors that it is humbling to meet fans and realise what an impact you have made on some people's lives. Also, they don't drink nearly as much as I was promised."

Jennifer Fallon, author of the Hythurn Chronicles

The (front) of the queue for the
Neil Gaiman signing session
"The line goes out of the hotel
and around what corner?"
Richard Harland proving Fantasy
is not safe and predictable!

"I really enjoyed being on the panel at Continuum, alongside Neil Gaiman, Jack Dann and Poppy Z Brite, to discuss moving out of genre. It gave a lot of food for thought — I learned plenty from listening to them and there was a hefty amount of audience participation. I enjoy panels that have very definite themes, that get opposing comments from panellists and hook the audience in, provoking lots of questions."

Fiona McIntosh, author of The Trinity trilogy

A most appreciative audience Seasoned conventioneer, Helena
Binns, with camera at the ready
C3 Chair, Kirstyn McDermott
A very happy (and possibly sleep-deprived)
welcoming party opens Registration
Stephen Dedman, Paul Poulton and Richard
Harland discuss all things Vampiric
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