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Advertising and Sponsorship

Sponsorship and advertising with Continuum provides a cost-effective way for your business to target the speculative fiction/pop culture niche market.

For details about our sponsorship packages and general advertising spots, please download our Information Sheet (112Kb PDF document).

Continuum can also provide tailored sponsorship opportunities, such as Book Launches, Readings/Signings and specific Event or Panel sponsorship at very reasonable rates. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific marketing needs.

In addition, we also welcome inserts (flyers, vouchers, freebies, advertising, etc) for our Convention Souvenir Bags which are given to each attending member and guest. Inserts from fan/non-profit organisations as well current sponsors, advertisers and/or dealers can be stocked in the bags free of charge. "Value-added" inserts such as discount vouchers or free gifts will also be stocked at no cost to the provider. Other commercial advertising inserts will attract a small stocking fee.

For further information or enquiries, please contact: advertising@continuum.org.au

Continuum 4 is convened under the auspices of Continuum Foundation Inc.and is governed by its rules and regulations. Continuum Foundation Inc. is a not for profit association incorporated under the Victorian Associations Act, 1994.

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