Continuum 11 will be held at the Ether Conference Centre, 265 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne.  Stay tuned for information about accessibility and nearby facilities, restaurants and shops.

Booking accommodation? ¬†Continuum’s members are entitled to preferred rates for The Swanston Hotel, the Grand Mercure or the Mercure Welcome Melbourne if you book following this link.

A brief note from the chair about the venue:

At the end of C9, it was widely agreed that the Ether, though lovely, was too small, and that 2013 would be the last Continuum there.

Unfortunately, Continuum is currently going through its awkward stage. You know, suddenly it’s all elbows and knees, and it’s always moody and spends all its time in its room, listening to depressing music and writing Teen Wolf fic.

Or, more precisely, we’re slightly too large for the Ether, but we’re much too small for everywhere else. The InterContinental, C10’s venue, was magnificent, but without the extra members we get when we’re a Natcon, it’s much too big.

We visited a number of other venues, but none were quite right. Some were too far from public transport. Some were inaccessible. Others were too far from shops and food and other necessities of life. One asked for a $2000 minimum spend at the bar for the Maskobalo. (We love our members. We wouldn’t do that to your wallets or your livers.)

We realised that we had to compromise, and we decided to go with the venue which was, at least, familiar. The staff are incredibly welcoming, and very eager to have us, and we think that the size issue can be resolved with some clever programming. The Ether is central, has multiple public transport options, it’s accessible, and there are a range of price options for accommodation.

We think that we’ve made the best possible choice under the circumstances, but we want to make it clear that we haven’t disregarded the comments and criticisms of 2013. It took us a long time to reach this decision — hence the lateness of the venue announcement — and we haven’t done so lightly. If you have any concerns, or want more specific details about the venue and its accessibility, please don’t hesitate to email