Calligraphy Workshops

Continuum offers a lot of writing workshops every year; this year we’re taking it to the extreme with fancy writing. Moya Carroll, Melbourne calligrapher, will be running two skillshare workshops, aimed at those who’ve never before held a dip pen.

Both these workshops are limited to 10 people, and there will be a small fee for materials ($20) – which you do, of course, get to keep. Please email to sign up!

Gothic 101
Textura Quadrata, a form of what you probably know today as Blackletter, was the predominant hand used for creating manuscripts from the 1100s to the 1700s, and carried over into early printing.  Look at this script and you immediately think of monks working by candlelight, wind howling outside the door, possibly letters written in blood. However, if you want to talk writing in the middle ages, or how to use the broad nibs that were the only writing implement up until the 1600s, please do book and come along.

Please note Moya does not encourage writing in blood.  It’s not properly archival and doesn’t have a good consistency for broad pen work.  Also, that’s disgusting.


Pointed Pen 101

English Roundhand was developed in the 17th century, and was written with goosefeather quills. They’re quite hard to come by and even harder to treat, cure, and cut, so we’ll be working with the 19th-century successor, the steel nib.  This is script which appears loose and flowing but in fact takes time, precision and dedication … so we’ll be embarking upon an eight-week* Formal Copperplate course, twelve hours** per day, in which Moya will drill you until your hands fall off. We’ll also cover, very briefly, the history of penmanship, and why it’s an unforgivable abomination*** to suggest Jane Austen used a dip pen.
*One day.
**Two hours.
***Understandable error