May 10 Newsletter: Get ready, Continuum is almost here! (Wanna volunteer for a panel?)

Book accommodation now to avoid the rush!

With Continuum just under four weeks away, now is a great time to make sure that you’ve got your accommodation sorted. Our venue, The Ether Conference Centre, offers preferred rates for three different hotels in the Melbourne CBD: The Swanston Hotel, the Grand Mercure, and the Mercure Welcome Melbourne.

Follow this link to make use of their rates and get the best possible deal.


Mad Max: Fury Road

The Continuum Committee would like to extend their warmest thanks to George Miller for releasing a dystopic Australian sci-fi action movie so close to our convention. Cheers, buddy! We’re off to see it on Thursday, and you should come along.

Check out the event details on Facebook here, and email us to let us know if you’re coming along.


Our Continuum XI shirts are up for sale on Redbubble! We have four styles on offer, along with a scarf for those who want something a little more fance.

Check them out!


Call for Panelists

We are getting so close to the con, and the program is nearing completion! We are looking for panelists for the following panels. If you would like on, please email byWednesday 13 May.

Depictions of Nerds on TV/Movies
With characters who are awesome and competent who are also still clearly fans and geeks such as Eli in SG:U, Felicity in Arrow, Charlie in Supernatural, Cash in Breaking In… But then there are the characters of Big Bang Theory and Scorpion who have trouble communicating with ‘normal’ society. Are geeks cool now or just still seen as nerds?

Twin Peaks
It’s been 25 years, and now we have new canon! Come celebrate, chat, and speculate.

Turning Blogs Into Books
Recycling content versus value for money. (You can hang out with GoH Tansy on this one!)

The Podcasting Panel
Learn about how to podcast!

Here All Along
SF/F authors who have been hidden, blocked or dismissed because they were women or persons-of-colour or some other discriminated group.

Talk about him!

Is there such a thing as Australian SFF?
Many genre films, TV shows and books are often criticised for being ‘too Americanized’. The Sci-Fi genre, in particular, suffers from such. So what does it mean when an Australian Sci-Fi writer creates stories set in or starring American characters? Does this mean their work cannot be considered as Australian Sci-fi? Does it need to have Australian characters and settings to be considered as such, or is simply being an Australian writer enough? This panel discusses the blurred lines of Australian Sci-Fi, what it is exactly, and what it should and shouldn’t be.

Do we have to lock women together to see diversity on TV?
Orange is the New Black. Wentworth. Bitch Planet. Do we have to lock a whole bunch of women up together to see diversity?

Adults in Kids’ SFF
Is our affection merely nostalgia, or were they actually good? Also, why do some people get snooty when adults read children’s literature?

Phryne Fisher
A strong American reaction to her personal life was something made the news in Australia. Reasonable? Bullcrap? Classically Australian? The new series has just started and it’s a good time to talk about it.

Marvel and DC on TV
Come talk about it! Does Arrow bring more to the table than ludicrous abdominal muscles and manpain? Do you hope Season 2 of Agent Carter will bring Jim Morita into the story? Why is the Flash such a cutie? Contemplate these and many other serious concerns.

Weird Fiction
What is this mysterious genre called weird fiction? And what makes something weird as opposed to dark fantasy or horror? And why are there giant squids? Come along and find out all you ever wanted to know about this genre popularised by authors such as Jeff VanderMeer, Neil Gaiman and China Mieville.

Writing Plot + Writing Characters
We want to do some mentoring! Come volunteer to help out!

YA Around the World
Come talk about world YA beyond USA and Australia! Be on a panel with our guest RJ Anderson!

Positive Portrayals of ND and Mental Health
What fiction is doing right by neurodiverse people, and what do neurotypical people need to Just Stop Doing? Come and discuss narratives that treat cognitive diversity as a fact rather than a spectacle.

World-building and Culture-building (and Appropriation; how not to)
Some stories have great plot, some have great dialogue, some have great description. Others have a strange new world for the reader to explore. Points for original ecosystems that work.