Maskobalo Theme Revealed!

Danse Macabre

The fortune tellers welcome you in, the skeletons rattle their bones in anticipation, the lights flicker on, the carousel whirls and a calliope wheezes to life. An evening at the Carnival will not soon be forgotten.

Hush, the corpse brides awake! Headless horsemen ride; magicians appear in a puff of smoke. All the creatures of the gloom recieve an invitation, the howlers, the living dead, the truly dead and the unearthly. We shall be in a gallows humour this night!

Dress for the dead or for the living, but especially for the carnies. Circus artists may inspire you, a thing with two heads, something small and ghastly that grew up behind the sofa, and of course Death herself takes many forms.

The Maskobalo is a tradition of Continuum conventions. An evening of costume and dance music on Saturday night. Free for members, or $20 at the door.
There will be costume prizes, so start thinking!

…the end may be inevitable, but first we dance.