Indigenous Speculative Fiction Reading List

As promised Ambelin has provided a fantastic recommended reading list of Indigenous speculative fiction and other resources.

List of works of speculative fiction written by Indigenous authors referred to on slides during Ambelin Kwaymullina’s Guest of Honour speech:

Zainab Amadahy, The Moon of Palmares
Celu Amberstone, The Dreamers Legacy
Teagan Chilcott, Rise of the Fallen
Grace Dillon, Walking the Clouds: An Anthology of Indigenous Science Fiction
Stephen Graham Jones, The Bird is Gone: A Manifesto
Catherine Knutsson, Shadows Cast by Stars
Simon Ortiz, Men on the Moon: Collected Short Stories
Tristan Savage, Riftbreaker
Gerry William, The Black Ship

Some reference works on Aboriginal culture and worldviews written by Aboriginal people: (and to find more resources, Ambelin suggests a good starting point is to look at the catalogues of Australian Aboriginal publishers: Magabala Books, IAD Press, and Aboriginal Studies Press)

Judy Atkinson, Trauma Trails, recreating songlines: the transgenerational effects of trauma in Indigenous Australia

Mary Graham, ‘Some Thoughts on the Philosophical underpinnings of Aboriginal worldviews’, Worldviews: Global Religions, Culture, and Ecology, Volume 3, Number 2, 1999 available online at:

Guruma Elders Group, The Guruma Story

Max Harrison, My People’s Dreaming

Sally Morgan, Tjalaminu Mia, and Blaze Kwaymullina (eds)
Speaking from the Heart: Stories of Life, Family and Country
Heartsick for Country: Stories of Love, Spirit and Creation
David Mowaljarlai and Jutta Malnic, Yorro Yorro: everything standing up alive, Magabala Books
Bill Neidjie
Story About Feeling
Gagudju Man

Margaret Kemarre Turner; Iwenhe Tyerrtye: what it means to be an Aboriginal person, IAD Press

Kathleen Kemarre Wallace, Listen Deeply, Let These Stories In, IAD Press

And for guidance on writing about Indigenous characters:

Australia Council for the Arts Protocols for Producing Indigenous Writing, available online at:

Australian Society of Authors papers, Writing About Indigenous Australia and Australian Copyright vs Indigenous Intellectual and Cultural Property, available online at: