Fan Fund Delegates

As the Australian National Science Fiction, this year Continuum will be hosting delegates from 3 different fan funds.
The fan fund races were recently run and won and we are pleased to announce the winners who will be joining us in June:


Juanita Coulson – a zine editor, fan artist, writer, and musician. She is best known for her science fiction fanzine Yandro, which won the Hugo Award for Best Fanzine in 1965. Juanita is also a pioneer Star Trek fan when in 1968 she co-edited ST-Phile, the second Star Trek fanzine ever published, appearing while the original television series was first being broadcast.


Matthew Lindus – an active member of the Perth SF community since moving there in 1998, he is a computer programmer, gamer of all sorts, and a science fiction and fantasy fan. Matthew has served in various positions on both Ghengiscon and Swancon committees and is passionate about improving accessibilty for people with mobility issues at conventions.


Dan Rabarts – involved in the local NZ and Australian speculative fiction fan and writing community over the past several years, Dan has served two terms on the SpecFicNZ committee, and earned several SJV nominations over the past five years. He looks forward to sharing what going on in New Zealand fandom and returning home inspired by Australian fandom’s energy.

We hope you take the opportunity during the con to welcome and have a chat with these fabulous fans!