Online Programme now Live!

A mobile friendly version of our programme is now availble here. You can browse by people, rooms or program items and mark panels as favourites on your own schedule.

If you notice any errors please email our programming team on Panellists can also send us a bio to be added by contacting the same address. As always, your feedback is welcome.

Sign Ups Galore!

Continuum X: Last Chance to Sign Up for Workshops & Signings!

With less than a month to go until Continuum, our fledgeling program is looking very exciting indeed! If you are a panellist, you should have just received/shortly be receiving an email with your scheduled times, so keep an eye out. Meanwhile, sign-ups for several events are closing soon, so check them out or be prepared to miss out!

Jack Dann Writing Workshop

Continuum is proud to announce our new workshop, What Writers Must Do To Write Professional Fiction: A No-nonsense Workshop with Jack Dann. This workshop will run for 2.5 hours on Sunday 8th June, at $70pp. Payment in advance a must! To sign up, please email us at by Fri 30th May.

Digital Zine Workshop

Sign-ups are now open for the workshop How to Make a Digital Zine, by the creators of Dark Matter Zine. To sign up for this workshop and have your say in what directions you would like it to run, please email us at by Fri 23rd May at the very latest to register your interest.

Stage Combat Workshop Alteration

We are very sad to announce that, due to circumstances beyond our control, Tom the fight choreographer has had to withdraw from our program. However! You can still come along on Friday night to try your hand at foam swords and knives with Jean-Paul (martial artist) and Lisa (fencer). No bookings necessary!

Signing Sessions

Continuum will be holding two signing sessions across the con weekend – one on Saturday and one Sunday. if you are an author, artist or other creator and would like the opportunity to sign copies of your work, please email us at by Fri 23rd May at the very latest to register your interest.

Author Signings Sign-ups

Jim C. Hines and Ambelin Kwaymullina will be signing their books in two sessions over the Continuum weekend. If you are a published author and would like to join them, please let us know by Sunday 11th May so that we can promote you in our conbook and program app!

Drop us a line at and please include your preference (if you have one) for a Saturday or Sunday signing session.

Jim C. Hines’s Cover Art Pose-off – more contestants needed!

Think you can bend your body like this? How about this? If you don’t mind looking a little silly in the interests of winning Fabulous Prizes,* come and give it a try at our Cover Art Pose-off. Pre-pose warm-ups will be led by the pose-master himself, Jim C. Hines!

We desperately need more contestants, so if you don’t want to see Danny Oz performing every pose all on his lonesome (amazingly pretty as that would be), please put your hand up at

*Actual fabulosity may be relative.

Children’s Room Volunteer Call Out

This year we are providing an exclusive Children’s Room all weekend for our primary and pre-primary aged members. We are seeking volunteers to help run some programmed activities in the room. For more information, see here.

Events we intend to run include: Treasure Hunt, Mask Making, Mini-Maskobalo, Lego Construction, Facepainting, and Group Story-Writing. We will provide the materials, we just need people willing to organise and run the session. We would also love to hear from volunteers with other suggestions!

To volunteer, please email

NAFF Race for 2014

Welcome to the NAFF race for 2014. The National Australian Fan Fund (NAFF) was created to assist fans to travel across Australia to attend the National Science Fiction Convention (Natcon). NAFF assists fans to travel to the Natcon and covers the costs of airfares and accommodation. The Natcon donates a convention membership.

This year’s successful delegate will be attending Continuum X: Carnival of Lost Souls (the National SF Convention) in Melbourne over the weekend of 6th – 9th June, 2014. More information about the convention can be found at

It is expected that the winner will produce a report of their trip, engage in fundraising to support future NAFF races, and to help administer the NAFF race for the following two years.All Australian fans are eligible to vote. The voting process contributes to the fundraising so each vote costs $5. You are more than welcome to donate more than this amount!

Votes are being collected by: Sarah Lee Parker, John Parker (WA) and the candidates. For more information please contact Sarah at Voting opens Friday 18th April, 2014 and concludes at Midnight (AEST) Sunday 11th May, 2014.

Please make all cheques payable to NAFF or National Australian Fan Fund. Contact Sarah if you wish to pay via Paypal. Direct deposits to: NAFF (NAB), BSB: 083 004, ACC #: 13 949 2150 Cash, in person, is welcome, but not through the mail! Postal address: NAFF, PO Box 249, Pascoe Vale South, VIC, 3044

Tehani Wessely

I’ve been involved in the Australian speculative fiction scene since 2001, attending my first convention in 2002. I’m a book geek and a Doctor Who nerd, volunteer for way too much stuff including being on the Natcon 50 organising committee, several years of working with the Andromeda Spaceways crew, helping run the ASif! reviews website for a few years, and judging or acting as judging co-ordinator for the Aurealis Awards for several years.

Nominated by: Cat Sparks (NSW), Sarah Parker (WA), and PRK (VIC)

Matthew Lindus

I have been an active member of the Perth SF community since moving here in 1998, originally through university clubs, and started attending conventions in 2001. Since then I’ve been on multiple committees for Genghiscon and Swancon in various positions. I helped to implement the accessibility protocols for Swancon and have a real desire to assist people with mobility issues to be included equally in all events. I hope to be able to meet with more people from around Australia and to see how other conventions manage their accessibility issues.

Nominated by Kylie Ding (WA), Samara Morgan (WA), and Msquared (WA)

You may also choose to vote ‘Hold over funds’ if you think that a delegate should not be selected this year or you can choose to ‘write in’ in the name of another candidate.



Voter’s Name: _____________________________________________________


Method of payment: ___________________________________________________


Please indicate your vote by placing a tick in the box indicating your preferred choice or writing in a candidate’s name.

Tehani Wessely                                    □

Matthew Lindus                                  □

Hold over Funds               □


Write in candidate: ___________________________________________________

Preliminary Programme Revealed!

Roll up, roll up, roll up! The Continuum X Programme is now seeking a Panoply of Panellists, Presenters and other Participants!

Here, you will find our preliminary list of topics for panels and discussion groups* – all of these are in need of participants, so let us know if you’d like to be involved by contacting

Meanwhile, if you have a topic of your own that you would like to see on our program (especially if you yourself would like to be involved in it!), we certainly want to know about those too! You can follow the above link for the list of formats we typically include on our program (though we’re always willing to discuss exceptions).

Any programme is only as good as its panelists so we would love you to be involved!

*Most of these topics will be run as panels, but any of them can be turned into a discussion group – please read our format descriptions and let us know in your email if you’re interested in running any of these topics as a discussions group.