Continuum X is dedicated to making our convention as accessible as possible. We do not want either visible or invisible disabilities to prevent you from attending or enjoying Continuum X. Please contact if you have any questions or suggestions regarding how we may best serve your access needs.


Our convention space is step-free and located across one level, reachable from the street by numerous lifts.  All rooms have doorways wide enough to allow passage of members using mobility aids without any difficulties.

You can find the floorplan here, we’ll be using all rooms except the Patrick McCaughan Boardroom.


For those looking at staying at the venue, the InterContinental Melbourne the Rialto offers four disabled access rooms.  For more information and bookings contact 03 8627-1667 or or visit our Venue page.


There are gendered bathrooms on the same level as the convention, with a small antechamber outside each with benches and mirrors.  There is also a gender neutral and disabled toilet one floor down from the main convention area.

For those who require more facilities than standard disabled toilets provide, the Travellers Aid office at Southern Cross is located two blocks away.


Panels are scheduled in hour long blocks, but run for 50 minutes starting 5 minutes past the hour and finishing five minutes to the hour to allow people time to move between panels.

Special needs seating will be provided at the front of all rooms next to the aisles for those that need to utilize it.

Microphones will be provided for panels, performances, and presentations in large rooms.


We have several professional interpreters volunteering their time during the convention.  If you require an interpreter please contact and we will do our best to try to arrange interpretation for the panels you are interested in attending.

We also have several committee members who understand basic Auslan if you run into any difficulties.

Printed Materials

We plan to release electronic versions of the program schedule well in advance of the convention, in an accessible format. Large Print versions of some paper publications may be available on request. Signs will be large and readable.

We have made every effort to select a platform for this website that is accessible. If you have issues using it, please contact

Further enquiries

If we have not answered your question here, you may also wish to see our Code of Conduct or Children’s Room pages or email us at